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Unraveling the Beyond Mind Journey: A Path to Self-Awareness and Healing

Unraveling the Beyond Mind Journey: A Path to Self-Awareness and Healing

I came to this world in confusion, molded by education and societal challenges which built up my pursuit and expectations for desires, falling into what I wanted but forgetting what I truly needed. This unconscious internal consumption trapped me in a tangled box; I became ill. My mental depletion caused insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, depression, mood swings, and widespread inexplicable pain. After undergoing a series of tests at the Mayo Clinic in the USA, I was diagnosed with something called Fibromyalgia — a name that suggested an unusual illness. After 7-8 years of torment, seeing numerous doctors, taking various medications and supplements, and trying stem cell treatments, I finally found an answer. Then what?

Initially, it was just sleeping pills and occasional pain relievers, but after learning the name of the disease, the next step was to take even more kinds of medications. I began a continuous cycle of medication that never seemed to end—certainly not something I had desired, but it stealthily became a necessity.

My unwavering faith in science and medicine seemed not so formidable after all. The only option seemed to be a long-term regimen of sleeping pills, nerve pain relievers, and psychiatric drugs for depression and anxiety, turning me into a walking drug metabolizer.

The pandemic gave me a chance to pause. Through the unknown territories shared by my friend Yves and the mysterious process that followed, I reorganized myself, drowning under desires and expectations. I encountered Professor Si-Chen Lee and a doctor with unique abilities. With guidance from the principal and this doctor, I accidentally discovered certain frequencies and designed tools that enhance self-awareness, allowing us to live more freely while improving emotional resilience and happiness. Initially shared only with family and friends who knew me, the effects were quite pronounced. After receiving their feedbacks, I decided to establish Beyond Mind 「覺之」 to share these findings.

I’m aware that doing unscientific things can lead to attacks and skepticism because it surpasses many people’s understanding, which is why we named it Beyond Mind 「覺之」, haha! The old me might have been the first to challenge it. Upon deeper reflection, it seems the existing ‘unscientific’ framework is designed to constrain most people’s exploration of the unknown, which also limited our imagination.

I chose to step beyond my understanding to explore Beyond Mind 「超越感知」, learning forgiveness and tolerance along the way. Now that my body has healed—though complexities occasionally arise, they quickly pass—I’ve gained more time to enjoy life happily. Just allowing oneself the time to feel can make our world increasingly beautiful. Every moment and every experience simply exists because we still breathe.


I hope that after encountering Beyond Mind 「覺之」, it will spark your curiosity about self-awareness and start you on your journey to explore your Beyond Mind 「超越感知」, bringing health and happiness!