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About Beyond Mind: Harnessing Innovation for Emotional Resilience and Wellness

Explore the unique journey of Beyond Mind, where cutting-edge technology meets the pursuit of wellness. Learn how our commitment to emotional resilience and self-awareness shapes our innovations.

Founder's story: Overcoming chronic illness and the motivation behind Beyond Mind Evolution of the company

History beyondmind book

「覺」- Source Koh

A book written by Source Koh in November 2022, his first work, which documents his profound insights and wisdom about life. Transitioning from an engineer to an explorer of life, Source Koh believes in delving into the inner self, discovering the essence of life, and sharing this wisdom through principles of frequency, energy, and resonance.

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Our Vision

  • Shaping the Future of Wellness: Beyond Mind envisions a future where emotional well-being is accessible to everyone. We strive to lead the way in emotional health technologies, setting new standards for how people interact with their mental and emotional selves.
  • Global Impact: Our vision extends beyond individual products to creating a global community that embraces emotional resilience as a fundamental aspect of health. We aim to inspire societal change by promoting the importance of mental and emotional health, reducing stigma, and encouraging a holistic approach to wellness.